Easy as 1-2-3 !

The New Era 20 ton community compost machine has only three buttons;

One to start the machine,

One to move the compost from chamber one to chamber two and,

One button to empty the finished compost.

What could be easier !



The Latest Technology

The NE20T community composter has been developed with the latest computer technology to make it simple to use. In only four weeks, it will produced ready-to-use Grade A compost.

The self-contained control board displays the interior functions of the machine.

An NE20T started on January 1st, would produced
0 Kg
of compost by now.


The NE20T will produce 6400 kg. of compost per year.


For Whom ?

The Joracan NE20T was developed for use in schools, universities, seniors’ homes, restaurants, environmental centres, condos, co-ops and corporate offices. Anywhere there are food services.


In order to serve the North American marketplace, Joracan felt the manufacturing, technological development, sales and service team, needed to be based in Canada.


Stunning Design

Why shouldn’t a composter be beautiful and easy to maintain?

Why us ?

  • Joracan supply high performance equipment that can produce usable compost rapidly.
  • Joracan accompany his clients and facilitate their ability to start composting projects.
  • Joracan write easy and straightforward procedures that help our clients to achieve their composting objectives.

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