Joracan® composters are proudly made here in Canada, by qualified people with top quality materials and proven technologies. Which makes them the best products on the market. They have been sold coast to coast since 2011.

Joracan® is a registered trademark listed on the National Trademarks Registry of Canada by Distribution Jora Compost Canada Inc.

Our Mission

Offer concrete composting solutions to businesses, organizations and Canadian citizens in order to reduce materials destined for landfill and ensure the production of very high quality compost.

Our Vision

To establish itself as an agent of change to ensure the widest possible support for composting as a collective value, in connection with the preservation of the environment.

Our Promises

  • Provide high-performance equipment from Canada that produces compost that you can use quickly.
  • Accompany you on your journey through the constant presence of a partner in the implementation of your composting project.
  • Write simple and effective procedures to ensure the understanding of stakeholders, thus ensuring the achievement of your composting objectives.

Why we are

Joracan was started in 2008 by three individuals determined to bring the best in world-class HUMAN-SCALED green technology to Canada

Two of Joracan’s founders, Jacques and Barbara, had recently sold a very successful office furniture dealership, with clients such as Air Canada, the Royal Bank, CP Rail, and McGill University, to name a few

Part of Jacques and Barbara’s mission with the furniture dealership was to create great working environments for their clients

Knowing that Jacques and Barbara were avid gardeners, one of their friends, Guy, suggested that they look at garden composters out of Sweden.

After looking at these composters, Jacques and Barbara realized that Sweden was using much more leading-edge composting technology, that was suitable for Canadian conditions and for more high-volume use than just home gardening.

Joracan was formed by Jacques, Barbara with the vision to bring this technology to Canada, but also with the larger excitement of forming a company involved in the green revolution, making not just better working environments but helping make a better global environment.